The company Estropício was created in 2009 by Famara Pardo, Oriol Pita, Asvín López and Ruth Gascón. It has produced several creations, with floor acrobatics and different aerial technics, mixed with dance and acting.


The shows created were “Entropía” (2012), “Torcidos” (2012), “Conxita y Merceditas” (2011). At the moment the company brings its new creation “Praxis” to the scene.



Born in Toulouse (France) in 1989. He starts to do some circus with 8 years old in a youth

circus school. At 10 he moves to Portugal, where he lives until 2008. During that time he

dedicates himself to surfing, participating in contests at a national level.


At 19 he reconnects to art, setting up a small theatre peace with some friends. In 2008 he integrates the circus school of Lomme (France) where he completes a preparatory year. From 2009 to 2012 he integrates the circus school of ACaPA in Tilburg (Holland) and specializes in partner acrobatic technics, together with an acrobatic trio. During these studies he creates with Marius Pohlmann and Galatée Auzanneau, the company Trio Satchok, with whom he works until today with the show “Outch” directed by Yves Marc, or the act “No Man’s Land” directed by Pia Meuthen, in festivals such as Tete-a-Tete in Rastatt (Germany), Kleines Fest in Hanover (Germany), Circo Circolo in Den Bosch (Holland), etc.


In 2013 he comes to live in Barcelona and integrates in 2014 the company Estropício for the creation of “Praxis”, directed by Pau Portabella.



Born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. She lives and works in Barcelona. She starts her studies as an artist in the circus school Rogelio Rivel in 2004. She takes part of the social project “La Pituetera” as co-director and acrobatic teacher in 2007.


She travels to Brazil to study in the national circus school of Rio de Janeiro in 2008. Back to Europe, she gets in the professional world as an artist working in the following companies: “TeatraNU” directed by Víctor Borras, “Blues de Circ” directed by Los Excéntricos, “Sifó” directed by Pau Velásquez, and more, while learning dance technics independently with teachers as Anne Morin, Yves Pierre or Cecilia Ortiz. In 2011 she decides to specialize in partner acrobatic technics with Oriol Pita in the circus school of Lomme (France). She simultaneously creates the company Estropício with three other members, creates the shows “Torcidos” directed by Karl Stet and “Entropia” directed by Tere Celis, and takes part of events as Pirineos de Circ, Australia Lunar Circus, Retalls Grec, Cultura en gira, etc. In 2012 she integrates with Oriol Pita the company Circo & Teatro y Rock Roll in the show “Call Me Maria” directed by Adrián Schavarzstein.


Today, she continues as an artist and creator in the company Estropício with the show “Praxis”, directed by Pau Portabella, while she polishes her partner acrobatic skills with Manu Buttner in La Grainerie.



Born in Barcelona, where he lives and works. In 2006, after taking a course of different circus technics, he starts to participate and work in the context of the Ateneu Popular Nou Barris, giving circus workshops and performing in Barcelona.


He was two years in the youth circus school of the Ateneu Popular Nou Barris while finishing high school and integrates consequently in 2008 the circus school Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona. In 2010 he starts his professional career by taking

part of the show “Blues de Circ”, with the

APARADOR in Catalonia. He also takes part

in the creation of “Sopa de Pedres” with TeatreNu, in Igualada. He starts to specialize in partner acrobatics and handstands with Claude Victoria in Strasburg, in the circus school of Lomme (France), and in La Grainerie in Toulouse (France) with Manu and Laurence. In 2011 he takes part of “Torcidos”, directed by

Karl Stets, with the Company Estropício and creates with Famara Pardo the duo act “Entropia”, directed by Tere Celis. With these shows he worked in the network of Camins Emergents, in the festival Lunar Circus of Perth in Australia, in the festival Grec con Retalls and in CulturayGira. He was part of the company Circo&Teatro y Rock Roll with Famara Pardo, in the show “Call Me Maria”, directed by Adrián

Schwarzstein. In 2014 he teaches as a monitor and acrobatic teacher in the circus exchange of Wavre, in Brussels. Nowadays he continues working as an artist and creator in the company Estropício, with the show “Praxis”.

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